February 02, 2011


Hello everybody. Now I'll write about my best girls ever :D
 Mereka yang selalu ada untukku disaat suka dan duka
Menyemangati dan mendukung semua keputusanku.
Tak ragu memarahiku jika melakukan kesalahan.
Tak pernah meninggalkan aku sendirian walau sebesar apapun kesalahan yang aku buat.
That's what's truly friends, right?
Well I was so proud to have them in my life :) Mereka teman-teman terbaik !

All is start from Junior High School
I was a new-nerd student
I've realized that I was an ugly one. I have no style like other cute or glam girls
And the worst, I'm too shy to express my mind
For a moment, I wish to disappear from this hell and back to my old school
I have one friend. My chairmate. The one-bothering friend
I don't like her but I pretended like nothing happened.
How pity

I keep sketched, just wanna boost my mood up
Then one of them said
"Hey I love your sketch! Woaa! You're great! Can you draw me one more?"
I feel so happy then I have more friends!
They like my sketch and they want me to draw for the class wall-magazine
I have best friends. They are Dayu Adi and Ria.
We're always together until we met Tiara, Ade and Icha.
Then we gather and became a best friends!
They are such a great friends for me.
Well here they are


my bestfriends and also my sib :)
she's the funniest among us 


she's the best of the best! :)
calm and quiet one


here is the four eyed :D hahaha lol :D
she's the mature one. I love her way in giving advices


looks childish and happy :)
but, she's the smartest among us


we call her ICCHA :)
she's the youngest and also the most 'crazy' :D

We are always together. Because of that one of my friend give us a name
Bahahaha LOL!

I thought that I'm the luckiest one, because I have them :)

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