February 12, 2011

Surprise For Our Riya Tirana

February 8th 2011 is my friend, Riya Tirana's birthday
Firstly we both have plan to go to her house early morning but we cancel it because Ade was sick
So we went there on evening

6 o'clock on evening!
We went to Ria's by car. Then we must walk to her house because the road is not so big for car. The cute little cupcake is the only thing we can bring :p

We walked quietly into her room without knocking the door. For the several time I thought that we might look like a robber! LOL

Wohoo! Ria's coming up! And she was very surprised to saw us
"Happy Birthday to youuu!!"
We yelled and sang. Then it's time for Ria to make a wish!

After the funny surprise we went to KFC Gatsu and had a supper together (with ria's boy too)
Happy? Of course! :D

we are 6 !
the boy is Ria's ;)

me and my bestfriend+sib :)

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