February 14, 2011

The Date


The picture above is the cookies that I made with the girls a day before.

I gave the cookies just for my boy RAMA ♥, IYUD , HENDRA, AJUNG, and MY FAMILY
The good news is that they like my cookies, and the bad news is I'm not make a lot
Sometimes I'll make it again ;)

School isn't so good enough that day that I felt unwell and not comfort
But Iyud's chocolate saved me! Thank you Iyud ♥

After school mean free from the books and celebrate the Valentine's Day ♥
My boy pick me up at 5pm and we went to Mie ayam Jakarta

he gave me red and pink roses and the lovely gift.
Thank you so much dear ♥

That day was our memorable day because we have a lot to talked and things to gave.

Before we go back home, we went to J.CO Donuts and Coffe Denpasar Junction just to bought some doughnuts for my siblings :)

Debra, especially for my Parents :)
I ♥ them

Spread the love for all ;)

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