February 12, 2011

The Edelweiss Story

Wow this is the third post for today! Hahaha :D

When I was looking at the photos on my documents, I found myself remember about something.
That edelweiss arranged neatly on my desk
Every time I look that flowers, I always miss my boyfriend

My boy join the Outdoor Living Activity Club in my school and often went to Mountain for climbing
At his third trip to Batur, he gave me a bunch of edelweiss !
Wow! I'm so happy because that flowers only found at mountain !
He was a brave one that I admired. I hope someday I can go to Batur too and see the edelweiss colony!

Edelweiss is known as eternal flower. Once you pick it, it wouldn't die for a years even for 2 years!
That flowers are small and white like a snow, but there were many kinds of colors, not also white
The smell isn't so good, but unique

Why must mountain?
Because it need a cold temperature to grow perfectly
Mountain temperature is the best!

Bonus! This is me with edelweiss
Hahahaha, no offense :p


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