January 30, 2011

Hello Sunday, Hello Beach !

Sunday morning ! 
My family and I have plan to go to the beach!
I woke up early and prepare everything although I was sick
Oh how I love beach so much!

We went to Sanur Beach
Played with the sands, ran over the waves is all I did there
I was so excited that I let my clothes became wet although I bring no clothes anymore
That was fun, and my sick? Forget about that! I feel better than before

I'm wet!
Well, played with the water and sands sounds great
After that, we took a bath then have a special breakfast!
Just call it
Spicy Fish Soup !

special dish for breakfast
Just an ordinary-look dish with an extraordinary taste
I can taste the fresh-soft fish with the spicy seasoning. Perfect :D
Find it near the Sanur Beach! :p

That's satisfying. Then we prepared to go back to home
I took some photographs before go

that's fisherman's boat! That's boat remembering me with the amazing experience.
Have you ever try riding that boat?
Well, I have :D
That cool experience happened in my hometown, Singaraja :D
I'll write about Singaraja later ;)

beautiful scenery! that's why I love beach very much :)

that's tourist riding a bike :p

and this is me :D
I don't like my smile in this photo, unnatural :p
but I like the background :)

that's all. glad to post something in English :D
hahaha. sometimes I'll post in Bahasa Indonesia again ;)

location: Sanur Beach, Bali - Indonesia

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