February 18, 2011

Old Random Photos

 Looking at the pictures in my computer. I found these old photos. It's really mean a lot to me so I can't remove it easily.

what a silly photo. the photo above was taken for about 2 years ago. when my school held a special event called Gempita Karmany Smansa

wohoo! I like this photo very much! located on Kertalangu. Also taken for about 2 years ago.
ps: I love my long hair. Sometimes feel regret after cut it


Nah! These 4 photos are so random. Located on my village. Singaraja- Bali.
My village is near the beach. It's easy to come there and take some photos. Hehehe


I love the view on these photos. Located on my merajan in Singaraja.
Hmm, I forgot when was I take this photo. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago.
Look weird. I love makes a random and silly photos that time. Hahaha



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