June 25, 2011

Cycling and The Beach

I'm feeling lucky !
Long time no see, blogger.
I'm going to post something new on my sleeping blog.

Last week, I visited my village, SINGARAJA - BALI
I'm so happy when dad told me that we will spend 3 days in village.
That's mean an exciting family gathering, hectic but fantastic mutual time with family, and of course, good meal everyday. Yay! :D

Then I planned to go on cycling
So we rented a bike, then cycled along Lovina Beach

We also took some photographs
Ayu Sidianthari is our photographer :D

happy cycling :D

May 12, 2011

Fascinating Holiday

Wew, finally I've passed the National Final Exam successfully and have a time for my blog. It's a relief but the University Entrance Exam is still haunting me
I need to refresh my mind, and I know that I'm kinda lucky. Because there are bestfriends that would spent their time with me :)


We visited Monkey Forest ;)
I love this place. Quiet far from noisy town and VERY GREEN.
The tame monkeys all around. There's no need to scared because they are very calm, and never disturbing the visitors unless you start to disturb them
Then we continued our journey, we walked around the Ubud road.
We saw so many art shops along the road. For a glance, Ubud seems like Kuta. But Ubud's calmer :)
And at last, we ended at KFC Sanur :D

I've changed my outfit before we walked, because I feel uncomfort  to wore a dress. Hahaha :p

icha - ade - tiara - ria - me - dayudadi

I'm so glad that I have a mutual time with them ♥

April 05, 2011

Blogging Time

Hello there, long time no see
I'm new on blog but I've been such a bad blogger
Everyday I felt that I have insufficient time to post just a thing on my blog
So, here I am, eventually have a mutual spare time

The Final Exam is coming soon
So I have to preparing it seriously
Besides, it's my third year in Senior High School so that I must study to face the University Entrance Exam

I'll post something new after the tiring exam
I hope I'll pass it successfully :)

March 10, 2011

Piggy Doll

 I just trapped in the boredom after school. The school wasn't as funny as usual because of the exam.
I've finished Mathematics, Indonesian, English, Biology, and Chemistry. The last is Physics, but I didn't have a good mood to study physics so I took my camera to boosted my mood first

I took my pinky piggy doll
My boyfriend gave me this doll on December, he bought the doll at Java when he had a study tour :)
Why must PIG ?
Just ask him (-____-)
haahhaha :D


I love my piggy and I have a name of it WIRABOO :D

March 02, 2011


Flowery dress and the eternal flower, Edelweiss ;)


I have no reason to create this post, just wanna have fun in my spare time.
hahaha cheers ;;)

February 22, 2011


Today I watched TV and found the channel that discussed about LOMOGRAPHY in Bali
I looked at the camera and the photos result and felt so interested !
Physically that camera looks unique and so catchy. The photos? Looks great ;)

 this one is called DIANA F+

diana f+ photo result

the results looks nice without editing ;)

this one is called FISHEYE

fisheye photo result
the fisheye lomo which display the fish-look on the photo ;)


supersampler photo result
supersampler photo result
I think this is the unique one! Lomo with the four lenses ;) 

this one is HOLGA

holga photo result

holga photo result looks warm ;)


colorsplash photo result

colorsplash photo result

The flash can easily change with any color of flash that we want
the colorsplash is one that I admire the most :)
*drag to the wish list*

and this is the random photos used LOMO :D

Even it's an old camera, the results aren't bad, right? ;)
Yuhuuu, feel so excited to post it!