February 22, 2011


Today I watched TV and found the channel that discussed about LOMOGRAPHY in Bali
I looked at the camera and the photos result and felt so interested !
Physically that camera looks unique and so catchy. The photos? Looks great ;)

 this one is called DIANA F+

diana f+ photo result

the results looks nice without editing ;)

this one is called FISHEYE

fisheye photo result
the fisheye lomo which display the fish-look on the photo ;)


supersampler photo result
supersampler photo result
I think this is the unique one! Lomo with the four lenses ;) 

this one is HOLGA

holga photo result

holga photo result looks warm ;)


colorsplash photo result

colorsplash photo result

The flash can easily change with any color of flash that we want
the colorsplash is one that I admire the most :)
*drag to the wish list*

and this is the random photos used LOMO :D

Even it's an old camera, the results aren't bad, right? ;)
Yuhuuu, feel so excited to post it! 

February 18, 2011

Old Random Photos

 Looking at the pictures in my computer. I found these old photos. It's really mean a lot to me so I can't remove it easily.

what a silly photo. the photo above was taken for about 2 years ago. when my school held a special event called Gempita Karmany Smansa

wohoo! I like this photo very much! located on Kertalangu. Also taken for about 2 years ago.
ps: I love my long hair. Sometimes feel regret after cut it


Nah! These 4 photos are so random. Located on my village. Singaraja- Bali.
My village is near the beach. It's easy to come there and take some photos. Hehehe


I love the view on these photos. Located on my merajan in Singaraja.
Hmm, I forgot when was I take this photo. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago.
Look weird. I love makes a random and silly photos that time. Hahaha



Kill The Time

I have a bored spare time. Then I saw the camera and made some random photos. I firstly opened my closets cupboard then picked some clothes.
Just to kill the time.


the colorful dress was remembering me on my class yearbook photo shoot. I wore that dress and also the hat :)
I love the pattern and also the PRICE.
I got very cheap price for the dress. How lucky ;)

cant' wait to post another ;)

February 14, 2011

The Date


The picture above is the cookies that I made with the girls a day before.

I gave the cookies just for my boy RAMA ♥, IYUD , HENDRA, AJUNG, and MY FAMILY
The good news is that they like my cookies, and the bad news is I'm not make a lot
Sometimes I'll make it again ;)

School isn't so good enough that day that I felt unwell and not comfort
But Iyud's chocolate saved me! Thank you Iyud ♥

After school mean free from the books and celebrate the Valentine's Day ♥
My boy pick me up at 5pm and we went to Mie ayam Jakarta

he gave me red and pink roses and the lovely gift.
Thank you so much dear ♥

That day was our memorable day because we have a lot to talked and things to gave.

Before we go back home, we went to J.CO Donuts and Coffe Denpasar Junction just to bought some doughnuts for my siblings :)

Debra, especially for my Parents :)
I ♥ them

Spread the love for all ;)

The Hectic Sunday

One day before the Valentine's Day

All we did is preparing the gifts! And of course have some fun together too!

I wore my shocking pink shirt with hot pants for casual look. And of course my lovely prada bag and the woody bangles ♥

First, I went to Tiara's house to pick up the girls then we went to Mall Bali Galeria. We watched the dance competition and guess what. We went to Hypermart then bought the stuffs for making cookies!

Yeah we both want to make cookies for valentine's day gift!

We didn't buy eggplant, just having fun photos with them! HAHAHA LOL :p

Feeling hungry. Pizza Hut Mall Bali Galeria is our next destination!

Then, we're ready for become the cookie makers!
The cookie makers headquarter is in MY HOUSE :p

Mixed the ingredients, rolled the dough, cut the doughs, made the icing sugars, oven then finished!
We really enjoyed ♥

The icing colors that we love the most is the PURPLE
looks more attractive \m/

We've made the cookies until 8pm then it's time for the girls to go back home

What a hectic Sunday !