February 14, 2011

The Hectic Sunday

One day before the Valentine's Day

All we did is preparing the gifts! And of course have some fun together too!

I wore my shocking pink shirt with hot pants for casual look. And of course my lovely prada bag and the woody bangles ♥

First, I went to Tiara's house to pick up the girls then we went to Mall Bali Galeria. We watched the dance competition and guess what. We went to Hypermart then bought the stuffs for making cookies!

Yeah we both want to make cookies for valentine's day gift!

We didn't buy eggplant, just having fun photos with them! HAHAHA LOL :p

Feeling hungry. Pizza Hut Mall Bali Galeria is our next destination!

Then, we're ready for become the cookie makers!
The cookie makers headquarter is in MY HOUSE :p

Mixed the ingredients, rolled the dough, cut the doughs, made the icing sugars, oven then finished!
We really enjoyed ♥

The icing colors that we love the most is the PURPLE
looks more attractive \m/

We've made the cookies until 8pm then it's time for the girls to go back home

What a hectic Sunday !

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