May 12, 2011

Fascinating Holiday

Wew, finally I've passed the National Final Exam successfully and have a time for my blog. It's a relief but the University Entrance Exam is still haunting me
I need to refresh my mind, and I know that I'm kinda lucky. Because there are bestfriends that would spent their time with me :)


We visited Monkey Forest ;)
I love this place. Quiet far from noisy town and VERY GREEN.
The tame monkeys all around. There's no need to scared because they are very calm, and never disturbing the visitors unless you start to disturb them
Then we continued our journey, we walked around the Ubud road.
We saw so many art shops along the road. For a glance, Ubud seems like Kuta. But Ubud's calmer :)
And at last, we ended at KFC Sanur :D

I've changed my outfit before we walked, because I feel uncomfort  to wore a dress. Hahaha :p

icha - ade - tiara - ria - me - dayudadi

I'm so glad that I have a mutual time with them ♥


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